We make everything you do easier and faster.



  • Alerts & Notifications
    Custom role and event-based action steps are integrated into MyAdultDayCare existing workflow processes. Automatic alerts triggered by an advanced monitoring system signal accountable end-users when updates are needed.
  • Streamline Care
    MyAdultdayCare makes everything you do easier and faster. No more managing your business on paper or in hard to use outdated software systems. Our cloud-based software system streamlines workflows and tasks, saving your center valuable time that can be better spent focusing on clients and their care. Employees will love it!
  • Analytics and Reporting
    Provide real-time, end-to-end financial, operational oversight, compliance and clinical reporting, detailed analytics and instant access to financial data.   Improve efficiency with dashboards, automated scheduling of various services such as transportation, meals etc. MyAdultDayCare is designed specifically for Adult Day Services with small to mid-size portfolios and delivers the necessary tools, dashboards, reporting and notifications, as required for owners and managers.. This cloud based solution works with any browser, any device anywhere.
  • Electronic Signature
    MyAdultDayCare electronic signature solution makes it faster and easier than ever to securely sign and manage documents. For organizations with multiple users, you’ll be able to set up workflows, processes and other advanced details that will help you drive business 5x faster.
  • Smart Platform Solution
    Ability to run software independent of devices – Tablet and Desktops.