Vital Signs & Chart


  • Improved cash flow and Super Low denials and write-off's
  • No more Emailing spreadsheets, calling billing companies, waiting for status and reports
  • Electronic Batch Billing (837P or 837I) for Medicaid and Managed Care Payers
  • Automated posting of Health Care Claim Payment and Remittance Advice (835)
  • Forecast Analytics and Financial reports


  • Ability to Schedule the Transportation
  • Ability to bill directly to Adult Day Care or Medicaid for transportation billing
  • Ability to bill private payers for transportation billing
Medication and Administration Records
Vital Signs & Chart


  • Automated end to end generating invoices based on attendance, bathing, toileting, food, transportation
  • Ability to post private payment via check or credit card
  • Ability to generate invoices based on family members

AI-Driven Eligibility Check

Leverage AI technology for swift & accurate insurance eligibility checks. Streamline your process, shorten account receivable days, & avoid denials effortlessly.

AI-Powered Claim Scrubbing

Our advanced AI-powered claim scrubbing ensures error-free & clean claims are submitted promptly, leading to faster reimbursement & minimal denials/rejections.

AI-Enhanced Electronic Submission

Experience seamless corrections & re-submissions powered by AI, systematically addressing any claims held. Identify and resolve issues promptly for optimal efficiency.

AI-Driven Automated Reconciliation

Efficiently manage ERAs and EOBs with automated reconciliation, verifying each payment and proactively following up on any denied or rejected claims.

Dashboard Analytics

Access at-a-glance updates of your financial health through our AI-enabled insight dashboard. Filter data by provider, carrier, location, & date range for actionable insights.

Customized Reports

Get detailed insights into payment trends, charges, & adjustments for each billing entry with customized reports. Our reports are user-friendly & can be customized to fit your requirements.


Utilize AI technology to automatically identify Certain to Deny claims, boosting first-pass billing accuracy rates by an average of 50%. Our software employs AI to validate a range of critical factors, including:

  • AI-Enhanced Eligibility Verifications
  • AI-Powered Eligibility Discovery
  • AI-Enabled Prior Authorization
  • AI-Driven Client Demographic Validation
  • AI-Assisted Billing Diagnosis Code Validation
  • AI-Validated Payer Information
  • AI-Verified Ordering Physician Details
  • AI-Secured Authorization Code Verification
Medication and Administration Records

Experience the power of AI-driven validation for proactive claim processing and increased revenue integrity.